Professional debriefing for lawyers to avoid burnout and secondary trauma.

As lawyers you are dealing with many people who are often in conflict, with what is going on in their matter, and who are at odds with their own emotional state as a result.
Don’t underestimate the weight of this, or the impact it has on your overall health wellbeing.
Regular debriefing calls will dramatically improve your own mental health and really support you to have a better work life balance.
This is available over phone or one of our team can come to you in person.

Client Sweep /Satisfaction Audit

Building rapport with clients is essential but it is often time consuming and can take a lot of energy. The truth is, you didn’t go in to law to become a counselling service. But when a client doesn’t feel nurtured, they can inevitably become more demanding of your time. Having a third party connect with your client on your behalf is a brilliant way for them to get a sense they are being heard, let off a bit of steam, feel they are being nurtured, and a really good opportunity to address anything that is on their mind without taking an hour of your time. It is also a great way for someone from out team to find out if there are other legal services the client might interested in engaging your firm in.

This is the perfect solution for when you are running behind, have a full inbox, and would like to buy yourself some breathing space.
We deal with the client so that when you do get back to them they are easier to deal with.

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